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Kristen Panks
Kristen Panks
17:07 02 Jun 22
The Caring Strategies professionals and staff were just wonderful. Having moved to the area during the pandemic and under very stressful/difficult circumstances, Jeanie was a calm and comforting support. Carla and Jeanie both were very supportive, encouraging, and professional. Can't thank them enough. I recommend those who maybe caring for older adults in their lives to consider consulting with Caring Strategies.
Susan Buta
Susan Buta
15:58 28 May 19
What a great resource we have in Caring Strategies! Even if you think you know all the resources for elderly care, set up a consultation with Caring Strategies to know what you may not know.Last year, my mother had a sudden health decline. As I didn't know all the resources available to her, I followed up on a recommendation to find a senior care specialist. Jeanie Tauss' guidance allowed me to ask the right questions, see the right people, and find the perfect solution for my mother's needs. Mother is so happy and healthy a year later.


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“My father lives 650 miles away from me, and I cannot manage his needs from this far away. Even if you live closer and just need help every once in a while or a break from what is often a stressful situation, Caring Strategies can be invaluable in helping you balance your life and the care of your older loved one.”


“Caring for your aging parents–particularly when you don’t live in the same city–can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Caring Strategies has been an invaluable partner in this journey. When my parents have needed a compassionate advocate, a skilled facilitator, or a just a sympathetic ear, I’ve taken great comfort in knowing that Caring Strategies was there in my stead.”


“I would be lost without Caring Strategies.” –adult son


“Caring Strategies has been the Guardian Angel for my parents and me for over 6 years. I could never offer enough positive comments or express my overwhelming gratitude to them for their continued care and professionalism.”


“Your expertise and love made our lives so much easier, less confusing, and happier! Your assistance in mom’s journey was invaluable. You are now family!”


“You helped us find sanity in the midst of chaos, to know greater peace of mind, and most of all, you helped restore dignity to a proud, strong and deserving woman. You filled her final days with friendship, comfort and care. Without your efforts, her life would have been far less full and comfortable. Our family is profoundly grateful.”


“Thank you for your years of care. I always felt better knowing that you were there. That was priceless. Keep up the great work. Patients and families desperately need you.”


“Thank you for all you have done for me. I have been very lucky to have you taking care of me and can depend on you for all of my needs.”


“You have problem-solved countless issues- many of which were complicated and not easy. You have been a touchstone and helped me through so much.”


“…you always made us feel like we were your only clients. Your level of attention and care over the years has never fallen short.


“Looking back, I think hiring Caring Strategies was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made in the care for my mother.”