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Elder Care in greater Huntsville
Serving Huntsville, Decatur and all of Madison, Limestone, Morgan, Marshall, Jackson, DeKalb & Cullman Counties

Susan B.
What a great resource we have in Caring Strategies! Even if you think you know all the resources for elderly care, set up a consultation with Caring Strategies to know what you may not know.Last year, my mother had a sudden health decline. As I didn't know all the resources available to her, I followed up on a recommendation to find a senior care specialist. Jeanie Tauss' guidance allowed me to ask the right questions, see the right people, and find the perfect solution for my mother's needs. Mother is so happy and healthy a year later.

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We can help you or a loved one

  • Promote and extend independence
  • Assess needs & suggest options
  • Manage medications
  • Coordinate medical appointments
  • Provide guidance in a healthcare crisis
  • Identify dementia solutions & resources


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How We Can Help You

Whether you care for an aging loved one or are an older adult yourself, at Caring Strategies we promote safety and security, dignity and independence. Aging is a multi-faceted process. To support you, we offer our expertise in the 8 categories outlined by the Aging Life Care Association.

For Those Supporting older adults

Elder care resources in greater Huntsville tailored for you

A spouse's grief in the face of dementia

A spouse’s grief in the face of dementia

Grief is the expected response to a loved one’s death. We expect to mourn, and we receive comfort from others. But in the context of a dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, the loss is not as clear cut. Your partner is “here but not here.” And you do not receive the same support or acknowledgment for the very real losses.

What's in an Alzheimer's test?

What’s in an Alzheimer’s test?

There is no single test that can determine if a person has Alzheimer’s disease. But a combination of several different tests can identify if memory and thinking problems are due to one of the many conditions that result in symptoms of dementia. By process of elimination, doctors can determine what may be the root cause of thinking problems. Some conditions are treatable. Others are not.

Elder care Tips

Learn about aging and the journey of elder care

Insights on Aging

Learn about the physical, mental, and emotional changes of aging, including things that get better with age.

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Staying Independent

Take charge of your life to preserve your ability to live on your own for as long as possible.

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Memory Loss (Dementia)

Is it Alzheimer's or the normal forgetfulness of aging?

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Tips and Tools for Families

Respectfully supporting an aging relative requires skill and creativity as everyone adjusts to new roles.

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Important Documents

Create the official papers needed to be sure your wishes are followed

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