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caring strategies services

For seniors and their families:

  • Assessment
  • Placement
  • Education
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Consultation
  • Information/Referral
  • Care Management
  • Family Meeting Facilitation
  • Caregiver Coaching

For businesses and their employees regarding the care needs of aging parents:

  • Caring Employer Program: An affordable, valuable Eldercare Benefit
  • Education
  • Resources
  • Consultation
  • Information/Referral (Note: We do not accept referral fees)
  • Caregiver Coaching


Direct Care Management Services for Senior Adults: This service involves completing a detailed assessment in the client’s home, identifying needs, and outlining appropriate strategies to meet the needs.  Some clients will be able to carry out the plan on their own; others will require ongoing assistance and monitoring.  Even if someone else (such as a family member) is paying for the service, the senior adult is the client, and their needs and wishes will be respected at all times.

How does this work?  A Care Manager will visit the home of a client to conduct a thorough assessment of their current situation.  The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate what needs the senior has so that an appropriate Care Management plan can be put in place.  The assessment includes physical, psychosocial, safety, environmental and household management issues.  Once the assessment is complete, the Care Manager will develop a plan with recommendations.  The client, along with their family and/or representatives, will review the plan and determine which recommendations to pursue.  The Care Manager can then provide ongoing oversight of the plan, and assist with updating and revising the plan as needs change.  The extent of Care Manager involvement will be determined by the client, along with their family and/or representative.  Purchasers of this service will include senior adults and/or their family members, trust officers, and/or attorneys.  Some Long Term Care Insurance plans may pay for GCM Services.

Telephonic and/or Web-based Coaching for adult children of senior adults: These clients can be located in any geographic area of the county.  Caring Strategies provides information, education, resources, and coaching to help adult children work through the issues of senior care giving.  Coaching is not counseling; it is a professional interaction that “creates clarity and moves the client into action.” (Source: International Coach Federation)  Adult caregivers who find themselves unsure about their caregiving role, the available options for the senior adult, and/or how to have family conversations about caregiving issues will benefit from coaching.  Learn more about our Caring Support program–coaching and support for YOU, the caregiver.

Services to businesses: Through our Caring Employer Program, Caring Strategies offers businesses the opportunity to provide Care Management services as an employee benefit.  Similar to or as a part of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) benefits, this program provides for a defined package of Professional Care Management services.  There is a great deal of literature that documents the need for eldercare issues to be addressed in the workplace, much in the same way that childcare issues were addressed as Baby Boomers entered the workforce.