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What Does a Caring Strategies Care Manager do?

Caring Strategies gives peace of mind to older adults and their families by providing experienced guidance in making eldercare decisions. These decisions could involve health care, dementia care, living options, resource choices, or managing family dynamics, to name a few. Just as you would consult a lawyer for legal guidance, you would consult a care manager for aging questions.

Our services include:

  • Assess the situation with an experienced and objective eye
  • Provide guidance and referrals based on intimate knowledge of the healthcare maze and the resources available, taking into account financial constraints
  • Devise a Care Plan for current needs while helping families think ahead
  • Coordinate in-home services, medical care, transportation, and appointments
  • Review needs and refer to the appropriate community resources and specialists
  • Provide crisis intervention and stabilization
  • Educate families on the healthcare system and how best to navigate the system
  • Assist in transition advice and assistance

What Are the Benefits of Using Caring Strategies?

  • Personalized, caring attention
  • Peace of mind in knowing that you are being guided to the most appropriate options for your unique circumstances
  • Continuity of care and reliable communication are promoted by the care manager amongst the older adults, family, healthcare providers and other involved partners
  • Costs are managed by avoiding inappropriate choices and duplication of services

When Should You Call Caring Strategies?

  • When you are concerned about who will care for you or your loved one if you are ill or temporarily incapacitated
  • When you have no family in town to assist you in case of emergency
  • When your family member is having significant medical or memory problems
  • When managing home, healthcare, medications and meals becomes overwhelming
  • When you or your loved one are considering downsizing or moving into a retirement community


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