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Dementia Care Management Services

Dementia Care Management Services

You don’t have to face dementia challenges alone!

Our care managers have master degrees and decades of experience in helping families figure out the best way to ensure persons with dementia have the highest possible quality of life.

Service Options:

  • Complimentary 15 minute consultation regarding your care needs
  • In-Depth assessment
  • Ongoing care management services
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization
  • Assist caregivers with identifying appropriate dementia resources including medical care and coordination
  • Create and coordinate in-home Alzheimer’s and dementia care strategies for short and long term needs
  • Assess and stabilize home settings for safety and highest functioning
  • Provide dementia education and troubleshooting
  • Enrich lives with outings and socialization activities
  • Assist families with managing challenging behaviors
  • Advise families on community care options when needed

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