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Should I Be Worried About My Memory?

What’s your greatest fear about growing older? When asked this question, many people respond, “Losing my memory.” This is a fear based on reality. Alzheimer’s disease, the effects of a stroke, or other types of dementia can rob us of our ability to be independent as we grow older. Especially if our parent or other… Continue Reading

As Memory Fades, Emotions Live On

If you have a friend or loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease or a related condition, you might wonder whether the things you do with them have any benefit. “I took Mom out to lunch, and she doesn’t even remember,” sighed one daughter. But here’s some research that confirms what most caregivers sense: people with… Continue Reading

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Information, updates and interesting tidbits from across the country and around the world Eat blueberries for a healthier heart Another reason to put away your smartphone Avoiding medical jargon These Little Berries Provide a Big Nutritional Payoff Blueberries are so yummy! And according to nutrition expert Sarah Johnson (above), they also offer a big boost… Continue Reading

Are You Feeling Caregiver Guilt?

Family caregivers are the bedrock of our nation’s elder care system. The AARP estimates that this care, if provided by paid professionals, would cost more than $470 billion dollars each year! Caregivers support the well-being of senior loved ones with hands-on help, healthcare management, transportation, dementia care and more—all while trying to keep up with… Continue Reading