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Help Seniors Break the Cycle of Poor Health and Loneliness

Loneliness is a serious health problem for older adults. Studies over the past decade have found that feeling isolated can cause depression, raise our blood pressure, suppress our immune system, hasten the signs of Alzheimer’s disease, and increase the perception of pain. Lonely people are less likely to exercise or eat a nutritious diet. A… Continue Reading

Stay Safe on the Golf Course

Will you be one of the estimated two million Americans who will be watching the U.S. Open in mid-June? Golf is a popular sport for older adults—it’s almost a cliché for senior retirees! It can offer a pretty good workout and a chance to soak up some vitamin D. But, as with every sport, we… Continue Reading

Are You Feeling Caregiver Guilt?

Family caregivers are the bedrock of our nation’s elder care system. The AARP estimates that this care, if provided by paid professionals, would cost more than $470 billion dollars each year! Caregivers support the well-being of senior loved ones with hands-on help, healthcare management, transportation, dementia care and more—all while trying to keep up with… Continue Reading

Planning for Our Senior Years—It’s Never Too Soon!

  Maybe you’re looking to retire in the next few years. Or maybe you’re not sure you want to retire, but you want to be prepared for the unexpected, including age-related challenges. Studies show that today’s younger people have done very little planning for their senior years—but giving it some thought now makes it more… Continue Reading